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Friday Events:

Down To Fuck @ Happy Hedonist

Meet and Greet @ The X Club

Fetish Friday @ Oasis





Baroness V

Mistress Morgan Thorne

Advertising on Toronto the Naughty

If you want to advertise on TTN, there are two ways to go.

Cold hard cash is always welcome.We charge a small monthly fee to place you ad at the top page of your particular service. We will also place a 200 x 70 randomizing banner to cross promote your page.

We are also always looking to improve the look of our site. Depending on your service, we would be willing to trade a photo shoot for a bump in your ranking.

Strip Clubs, Massage Parlors etc: If you allow us to come into your establishment and shoot the layout, we will place you on the front page of your section for 3 months.

Escorts, Strippers, Dominatrixes etc: If you do a shoot with us, we will bump you to the first page for 3 months. The shoot would need to be nude if your service depends on it (i.e. a dominatrix would not need to be nude, but in costume). We do not feature any nudity on our main pages, but will offer a pay site at a later date, that would host any nude pictures.

If you are interested, please contact us.