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Tuesday Events:

Tgirl Tuesdays @ M4

Free Wings with 2nd beer @ Bliss

Kitty Nights Burlesque @ Cherry Cola





Mistress Morgan Thorne

Baroness V

Marylin's -CLOSED

Dixieway to Marylin's

Remembering the old days, I must have spent $30K between my 19th and 30th birthday at this club. It was an amazing place.

My two favorite memories of this bar are:

A stripper we used to call the Geek. She would come on stage dressed as a little schoolgirl, with thick black glasses taped along the bridge of the nose, and a piece of toilet paper trailing her out of her skirt. Once she got on stage, she acted all shy and reserved for a bit of a song, then busted out the best dance I have ever seen. The frustrating thing is, she refused to do any lap dances for anyone.

My second favorite memory was when one of the regular waitresses had her birthday on the night she was working. Two of the strippers got her totally drunk, and convinced her to get on stage, where they proceeded to strip her completely naked, and while one held her down, the other ate her pussy on stage. Now THAT was a good show!

All of these Strip clubs are closed. This page serves as a reminder not to spend hours trying to find a closed strip club. When it was open, the address was:


1585-F Britannia Rd E
905 795 0875
Mississauga, ON