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Hells Angels Retail store opens in Toronto

The Hells Angels have opened a retail store at 98 Carlaw Street in Toronto. The store is called Route 81, but if you are looking at it from the street, it just has a huge red 81 in the window.

The store takes it's name from the first initials of the Hells Angels, H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, and A is the first. I believe the store has been open since about May 2013.

While you can't actually buy anything with the Hells Angels name or logo on it (only active club members can wear the name or patch), you can get a bunch of merchandise that indicates you support the Angels (Big Red Machine is the most often used euphemism on merchandise).

Route 81The store itself is surprisingly small. About the size of a living room, the store has a small counter, plus some racks holding clothing.

I tried to go on a weekday afternoon around 1:00, but they were closed. I'm assuming they are waiting for the buzz in the media to die down, as the opening has been reported a lot in the news services. (or maybe they have a great union... long lunches ;)

Here is the Website for the Toronto store, but it still seems to be under development. You can get an idea of the products they sell at the European Website, or the the website out of Carinthia.

If you are thinking of picking up some merchandise at Route 81 I would do it as soon as possible. While they may remain a friendly local retailer, there is also equal chances it will be closed in the next little while from the public outcry regarding their gang affiliations, or possibly turned into into more of a clubhouse type hangout, which would not welcome outsiders (as in the Charlottetown store that was closed in 2006). Another possibility would be a rival group targets the store for retaliation. (Although there can't be many people still wiling to mess with the H.A. (Any way you slice it though, get in there asap).

Personally, I hope to see the store around for a long time... they add some great color to the stores around town.

Route 81

98 Carlaw Street
Toronto, On
(416) 551-2181


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