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Tuesday Events:

Tgirl Tuesdays @ M4

Free Wings with 2nd beer @ Bliss

Kitty Nights Burlesque @ Cherry Cola





Baroness V

Mistress Morgan Thorne

Toronto Tgirls / Shemales

MAP of Tgirl / Shemale Locations Map of Shemales in Toronto

Cultural Relativity - Transgendered people in popular TV - Sons Of Anarchy

It's neat to see how Transgendered people are being treated in some shows on TV.

Sons of Anarchy is about a bunch of tough bikers who go around murdering everyone. There is a transgendered actress on the show, who is not only treated well by the gang in general, but who is openly lusted after by one of the members.

It's cool to see they are gaining some sort of acceptance from a wider audience. Hopefully this will reduce some of the stigma some people still feel towards transgendered people.

(ok, to be truthful, this wasn't the clip I had in mind when i wrote the story, BUT I'm a few episodes behind... and this blew my mind!)

No more lap dances / private booths at Club 120

Just got a heads up from the guys at Club 120. The city pointed out that club120 is not licensed as a strip club, and therefore is not able to have strippers / lap dancing or private booths.

Going forward, they will still be having their famous T-girl Thursdays, but it's going to be more of a laid back meet and greet / club atmosphere.

I must say I'm very disappointed. While I do love the T-girls (REALLY love them...), I'm not ready to start a relationship right now... any more than I'm interested in hitting a strip club to date some strippers. I just want a nice warm bum in my lap, and some boobies in my hands.

Ah well... looks like it's the end of an era. If you never got to head on down to Club 120, you don't know what you missed!

I'll keep you posted.

Guys seem to be powerless against the Tgirls

Sofia VissaFor some reason guys seem to be so interested in the Tgirls they are willing to risk their marriage and families.

Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend Casper Smart was first caught messing with a Tgirl named Sofia Vissa, then a week later he is reported to be seen with Xristina Marie, a transsexual model. (Although to be fair, he was told he would not be attending the world cup games when she heard he might have acted out... if this 44 year old wants to act like a mommy to her younger boyfriend, she shouldn't be surprised when he acts like a child.)

Read More... (Next Up Kendra)

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Live video shoot with TS Tasha Jones at Club 120

TS Tasha Jones at Club 120

TS Tasha Jones will be filming Tasha's Trashy T-Girls volume 2 at Club 120 on Thurday August 7, 2014.

Additionally, it's the usual Tgirl admiriers night, so expect a bunch of good stuff going on!

Doors open at 8:00, and filming is from 8:00 - 9:00. If you show up before 11:00 admission is $8.00, after it's $15.00

Good Handys EnteranceClub 120

120 Church Street
Toronto On.







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World Pride 2014

Toronto is hosting World Pride this year, so it should be quite the 'to do'.

We don't post a lot of gay news here on TOTN (Yet!), but the parade on Sunday (The 29th) should be fun for everyone. (The penis to boob ratio is a little high for my liking, but still, expect a great time ;)

One of the cool things about the parade if how many different fetishes come out and strut their stuff.

Pony and puppy fetishes, BDSM, leathermen, bears and Shemales... they will all be showing off.


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T-Girl Pride

Tgirl Pride PartyIf you are into T-Girls at all, you are going to want to head on down to Club 120 tonight. (June 26th)

It's world pride week, and everyone is in town to check out the festivities... so there is going to be no better time to get your groove on.

Good Handys EnteranceClub 120

120 Church Street
Toronto On.





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Zaras Fantasy Land Closed

Not sure how late to the party I am on this one, but it looks like Zaras Fantasy Land is closed... anyone know about when?

It's a shame...I never got to visit Zaras Fantasy Land, guess I'll have to visit Zara on her own.

Here is the info from when it was open: Zaras Fantasy Land


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Do you love Shemales?

Toronto The Naughty Social NetworkJoin the Shemales group from the Toronto The Naughty Social Network. Share pictures, discuss the clubs, and anything else Shemale related.

You don't have to give your real name, and we will never reveal your email address.

Total number pictures in Shemale group: 803
Total number of members in Shemale group: 164


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Open-mic comedy night at Club 120

Club 120 Comedly NighClub 120 Comedy Night

Mandy Goodhandy and club 120 will be hosting the first comedy night at Club 120 tonight.

Tickets are $8.00 at the door, or you can buy them online.

She has some great special guests including Sasha VonBonBon as the host (who will also perform one of her famous burlesque dances), Rob Testa as co-host, Dawn Whitwell as the headliner, plus 3 other acts (plus Mandy of course).

If you can make it, try to swing by. It would be great if Good Handys Enterancethis could be a weekly thing.

Club 120

120 Church Street
Toronto On.




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Ultimate Mixed Sex PartyMandy Goodhandy events is holding a mixed sex party at Club 120 on May 31, 2013. It will feature socializing, drinking and dancing on the main floor, and spontaneous orgies and private sex booths on the second.

There will be Tgirl hostesses to make introductions, plus plenty of Tgirls to party with.

There is a $10.00 cover charge (plus whatever you want to spend on renting a private booth and drinks). Doors open at 10, and the party wraps up around 3:00.

Read More..




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Sorry Boys, She's Taken - NEWS ITEM

Shemales and trans gendered people slowly seem to becoming more and more accepted in society. On April 10th, 2012 the Toronto Sun ran a supportive article about Jenna Talackova, who was born a male, but became a female and entered the Miss Universe Pageant.

The article was titled 'Sorry Boys, She's Taken', and seems to be supporting her bid to be readmitted.

She was initially disqualified once he was selected a one of the 65 finalists, as rules state all contestants must be naturally born a woman.


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