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Baroness V

Mistress Morgan Thorne

Toronto second best city for Sugardaddy's
(and Sugarbabies too).

A study by SeekingArrangements.com has concluded that Toronto is the second best Canadian city to find a Sugardaddy (or Sugarbabie's), topped only by Vancouver.

For those of you who aren't aware, Sugardaddy's are older gentlemen who are willing to pamper, of financially support a younger woman in exchange for time and attention (usually including sex).

While it can seem at lot like prostitution, these arrangements usually carry on over a longer period of time, with the gentlemen usually paying for an apartment, a living expense, shopping money, and maybe even cars, in exchange for the woman's attention and being available for the man when needed.

SeekingArrangements.com is a website designed to hook up well to do guys with hot young girls looking for long term arrangements.

The average Sugardaddy is 38 years old, with an average income of $271,000 and spends just over $51,000 a year on his Sugarbabie. (This is a lot lower than I had imagined... I always though Sugardaddie's were all millionaires).

While profiles on the site list the usual statistics for the guys (height, weight, eye color etc), what's different is the "annual income" placed prominently at the top of the page, as well as a spot to explain the "Arrangement I am seeking". This usually lists how much the guy is willing to spend, and what kind of girl he is looking for.

With over 600,000 paying subscribers, this website is obviously doing a public service. I mean otherwise, you would have a bunch of 40 year old business men cruising the high schools (an who wants to see that ;)

Is it just me or is it a little creepy that the girl is a sugarbabie's, and not a sugarbabe's? It's a small point, but it makes a huge difference.

All joking aside, if I had the cash, I'd probably consider using this site. If you are looking for a Sugardaddy, or Sugarbabie, head on over to SeekingArrangements.com and give it a try... If it works, let me know how you found it.