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Tuesday Events:

Tgirl Tuesdays @ M4

Free Wings with 2nd beer @ Bliss

Kitty Nights Burlesque @ Cherry Cola





Mistress Morgan Thorne

Bongage, Dolmination, Submission and Masochism

Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism Accoutrement

New to the scene, and not exactly sure what will do it for you? You know you like the general idea, but what is all the equipment, and how is it used? Have you ever come to the right place.

Dividing Line

Cock Cage

Male Chastity Cock CageA cock cage is the male equivalent of a chastity belt. It is used to restrict who a male can have intercourse with. It is usually made out of steel or plastic, and has holes that allow the wearer to urinate without removing the device.

The cock cage is usually secured with a lock. The key is usually given to someone as a form of submission. Usually a BDSM dominant, or professional mistress.


Medical Scenes

Medical ScenesMedical scenes involving objects, practices, environments and situations of a medical or clinical nature.

This can include the sexual attraction to medical practitioners or uniforms, or even intimate examinations such as rectal or gynecological.

Medical Scenes can include sex partners taking the roles of doctors, nurses and patients, while acting out medical fantasy's.


Pony Play (Pony Boy or Pony Girl)

Pony PlayPony play would be considered part of Animal Play. It is the fetish of dressing up, (or dressing someone else up), and treating them like a particular animal.

Props might include a bit for the pony's mouth, a fake hove covering for hands and feet, an anal plug to hold a fake tail in, or even a chariot or sleigh to pull.